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Digital Therapeutics Alliance

Improving healthcare quality, outcomes, and value through optimizing the use and integration of digital therapeutic solutions

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What are Digital Therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics represent a new generation of healthcare that uses innovative, clinically-validated disease management and direct treatment applications to enhance, and in some cases replace, current medical practices and treatments.

DTx products demonstrate safety and efficacy in randomized clinical trials, receive regulatory clearance when used as a medical device, integrate into clinical practice, may be prescribed by healthcare providers, and tailor to patients’ clinical needs, goals, and lifestyles.


Digital Therapeutics Alliance

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) provides a platform for leading DTx companies to partner with patients, healthcare providers, payers, academic institutions, technology organizations, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

DTA members and partners collaborate to enhance patient outcomes through assessing the value and impact of DTx solutions in clinical practice, constructing industry and regulatory frameworks, and encouraging data-driven integration and utilization of DTx solutions across the healthcare industry.

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DTA News

DTA Opens Membership to Enhance Industry Growth and Direction

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA), a global non-profit trade association that represents the healthcare industry’s leading digital therapeutics manufacturers, announces today the expansion of its membership to a diverse group of organizations dedicated to broadening the understanding, adoption, and integration [...]

Biotech Investors and Leaders to Headline 10th Annual Biotech Showcase™ 2018

The 10th annual Biotech Showcase™, the largest international biotech investor conference in the world produced by Demy-Colton and EBD Group, will bring together over 3,500 life science decision makers and investors from 50+ countries to collaborate and discuss industry trends through panels, workshops, and fireside chats. [...]

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Industry Conferences

Digital Therapeutics
in the NHS

April 24, 2018
London, England

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Digital Therapeutics &
Digital Medicine Summit

September 25-26, 2018
Boston, MA

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Digital Therapeutic Companies Involved

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