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DTx Solutions

Transforming Patient Outcomes


Digital therapeutics are at the forefront of a new era in healthcare. These clinically-validated solutions may be used as standalone interventions or in association with other treatments to engage patients and improve the overall quality, cohesion, outcomes, and value of healthcare delivery.

DTx solutions are tailored to patients’ clinical needs, goals, and lifestyles. These tools are used in daily life to improve patient and provider visibility into complex treatment processes and simplify pathways to better outcomes. Patients representing a wide spectrum of conditions — including respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, and mental health conditions — benefit from the use of DTx solutions.

New Generation of Healthcare


Digital therapeutic solutions consist of patient-facing disease management and direct treatment applications. Many of these products include clinical assessment and outcomes tracking tools, clinician monitoring dashboards, and HIPAA-compliant data storage. When integrated into clinical practice, physicians and other healthcare providers prescribe these programs just as they do any other medication or prescription.

DTx products undergo rigorous clinical testing through randomized clinical trials and real world pilots to demonstrate their safety and efficacy. Unlike general digital health apps, these tools are used by patients and healthcare providers to improve and facilitate the delivery of patient care. Therefore, if a DTx solution is used as a medical device, it undergoes a thorough review and regulatory clearance process by federal agencies such as the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA).

DTx Research & Studies

Digital Therapeutic companies are committed to collecting real word data, assessing ongoing safety and effectiveness, and ensuring that DTx product integrity and clinical efficacy is maintained by the continual generation, analysis, and sharing of clinical data in peer-reviewed journals.

Use of Digital Health Technology to Enable Drug Development

This pilot study developed and evaluated the feasibility, usability, and perceived satisfaction with an end-user mobile medical application and provider web portal. The two interfaces allowed for remote monitoring, provided daily guidance in the management [...]

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