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DTA works to enable expanded access to high quality, evidence-based digital therapeutics for patients, healthcare providers, and payers in order to improve clinical and health economic outcomes.

Digital Therapeutics Alliance and USP Announce Collaboration

WASHINGTON, June 4, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ – The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) and USP announced a collaboration to explore the development of appropriate standards and guidelines for digital therapeutics at a roundtable discussion co-hosted by the [...]

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance Announces New Members

Arlington, VA — May 8, 2018 — The Digital Therapeutics Alliance welcomes nine companies to membership: Bayer, Big Health, Cognoa, Kaia Health, Merck, Omada Health, Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., Pear Therapeutics, and Sanofi. “Digital medicine has the [...]

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DTx Industry Insights

Digital therapeutics form an independent category of evidence-based products within the broader digital health landscape. While the term “digital therapeutic” may sound futuristic, these therapies are already a reality. As this new category of medicine is integrated across the healthcare ecosystem, digital therapeutic (DTx) products will increasingly influence the way healthcare is delivered and consumed across the world.

Take This App and Call Me in the Morning

New York Times (Natasha Singer) -- Health tech companies are making a big push to digitize medicine, introducing novel tools like digital pills that track when patients take their drugs and smart spoons that can automatically [...]

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DTx Research & Studies

Digital therapeutics present the market with evidence-based technologies that have the ability to elevate medical best practices, address unmet medical needs, expand healthcare access, and improve clinical and health economic outcomes. To best support this growing industry, DTA members will continue to develop best practices and frameworks that directly support the development, clinical validation, operationalization, and regulatory oversight of high quality, evidence-based digital therapeutics.

Use of Digital Health Technology to Enable Drug Development

This pilot study developed and evaluated the feasibility, usability, and perceived satisfaction with an end-user mobile medical application and provider web portal. The two interfaces allowed for remote monitoring, provided daily guidance in the management [...]

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