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Industry Insights & News

DTx Industry Insights

The Digital Therapeutics industry emerged from the broader digital health category, and has quickly differentiated itself via companies’ clinical fidelity, evidence-based approaches, policy engagement, and commitment to outcome-focused reimbursement.

Digital therapeutics: Preparing for takeoff

McKinsey & Company -- Digital therapeutics have made much progress over the past decade, harnessing technology to supplement or potentially replace traditional clinical therapy. Some devices complement traditional treatment by helping patients manage their condition, [...]

A New Sort of Health App Can Do the Job of Drugs

The Economist -- Luann Stottlemyer has had diabetes for 23 years, but it was only in 2016 that her doctor prescribed a treatment that changed her life. It has allowed her to bring her blood-sugar [...]

A Revolution In Health Care Is Coming

The Economist -- This week three of the biggest names in American business—Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase—announced a new venture to provide better, cheaper health care for their employees. A fundamental problem with today’s [...]

The Convergence of Medicine and Technology

PharmaVoice (Denise Myshko) -- Imagine instead of a pill, a doctor prescribes a game for a child with attention deficit disorder. Or imagine patients dealing with substance abuse being prescribed assessments they can do via [...]

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DTA Press Releases & Statements

Our Alliance is dedicated to advancing novel platforms and solutions that improve patients’ lives and add value to physicians, care teams, and the healthcare system.

DTA Opens Membership to Enhance Industry Growth and Direction

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA), a global non-profit trade association that represents the healthcare industry’s leading digital therapeutics manufacturers, announces today the expansion of its membership to a diverse group of organizations dedicated to broadening [...]

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DTx Research & Studies

Digital Therapeutic companies are committed to collecting real word data, assessing ongoing safety and effectiveness, and ensuring that DTx product integrity and clinical efficacy is maintained by the continual generation, analysis, and sharing of clinical data in peer-reviewed journals.

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