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2018 Membership Application

  • (Used to assess annual dues for payers, PBMs, trade associations, private foundations, CROs, clinical research companies, analytics or data companies, and wholesalers.)
  • (Used to assess annual dues for pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology manufacturers, med-tech manufacturers, device or diagnostics companies, life sciences companies, and technology companies.)
  • Industry Engagement

  • DTA Engagement

    Working Groups focus on Alliance priority issues and initiatives. Representatives from all member companies are eligible to apply for participation.
  • Designated Liaison

    Primary individual responsible for communication with DTA.
  • Membership Board Liaison

    The DTA Membership Board is responsible for overseeing the Alliance's progress on priority issues and initiatives. The Membership Board consists of one representative from each Member company. This may be the same individual as the Designated Liaison.
  • Membership Invoice Contact

    Primary individual responsible for receiving and processing membership invoices.
  • Digital Therapeutic Companies

    To be classified as a “Digital Therapeutic” company within DTA, the company's products must meet the criteria set out below. Non-digital therapeutic companies should skip this section.
  • For each product, please identify whether it delivers a standalone intervention or if it is used in association with other treatments (e.g., drugs, other digital products, medical devices, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc.)
  • Application Submission

  • Notices

    DTA reserves the right to follow up with member applicants to clarify any of the information provided in this application. Once approved, members must sign a membership agreement, inclusive of the code of conduct, and make payment of applicable dues before membership becomes official. DTA reserves the right to deny or revoke membership if it learns that an applicant or member is engaged in any conduct deemed harmful to patients or the DTx industry. In order to qualify as a digital therapeutic company, an applicant must meet all of the criteria listed in the 'Digital Therapeutic Companies' section above. DTA reserves the right to not approve an organization’s application if any of the above criteria are found to be misrepresented or revoke membership for any company that later fails to meet the necessary criteria.