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DTA Membership

Digital Therapeutics Alliance: An Industry Collaboration


DTA member organizations are dedicated to:

  • Encouraging data-driven integration and utilization of digital therapeutics across the healthcare industry
  • Engaging patients and enabling healthcare providers to intelligently manage and expand the delivery and quality of patient care
  • Optimizing clinical treatment pathways, enhancing patient outcomes, and increasing overall healthcare value
  • Educating patients, providers, payers, and other healthcare industry stakeholders on the value and improved health outcomes delivered through digital therapeutics

DTA Membership


  • Gaining access to and engaging with leading digital therapeutic companies
  • Guiding the development of the evolving digital therapeutics industry
  • Gaining a privileged view into the design of foundational industry frameworks and best practices
  • Developing a streamlined pathway to market for digital therapeutics
  • Expanding repositories of industry data and insights
  • Driving clinical, organizational, and financial integration of digital therapeutics into mainstream healthcare
DTA member organizations are active in the digital therapeutics industry and are aligned with DTA’s mission. The DTA Membership Application was updated July 2018. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis. Questions regarding membership may be sent to

Strategic Advisors

Strategic Advisors are individual thought leaders in the healthcare industry who engage with DTA Leadership and offer insight on the development of Alliance goals and initiatives. These individuals are not directly affiliated with a DTA Member company and serve one-year terms.

Note: The selection process for 2018 Strategic Advisors is now closed. The next cohort of Strategic Advisors will be selected in 2019. Questions may be sent to

Alliance Overview

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance is a trade association with the mission of broadening the understanding, adoption, and integration of clinically-validated digital therapeutics into mainstream healthcare through education, advocacy, and research.

The Alliance will accomplish this through building networks of diverse stakeholders, mapping the evolving DTx industry landscape, assessing the value and impact of digital therapeutics in clinical practice, generating insights on successful models and outcomes, and encouraging broad collaboration across the healthcare industry.

DTA is headquartered in the United States and maintains an international focus on the DTx industry.


The Alliance recognizes the efforts of other healthcare organizations engaged in the evidence-driven advancement of digital therapeutics to improve patient outcomes. DTA is committed to supporting the ongoing work of organizations aligned with the Alliance’s mission.


DTA members include digital therapeutic companies, healthcare providers, payers, academic institutions, patient groups, investors, technology and data organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers, in addition to other organizations actively engaged in the digital therapeutics industry.


Digital therapeutics are clinically-validated solutions that may be used as standalone direct treatments or in association with other treatments to improve the overall quality, cohesion, outcomes, and value of healthcare delivery. Digital therapeutics demonstrate safety and efficacy in randomized control trials, receive regulatory clearance when used as a medical device, integrate into clinical practice, and are tailored to patients’ clinical needs, goals, and lifestyles. These solutions consist of patient-facing treatments, clinical assessment and outcomes tracking tools, clinician monitoring dashboards, and HIPAA-compliant data storage.

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